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Potential Applications of Hyaluronan


Reduction of Radiotoxicity

Clinical research on 27 patients with localized prostate cancer showed that the injection of HA solution in the perirectal fat decreased the side effects of external-beam radiation or brachytherapy. The results revealed that the injection created a new 2-cm distance between the prostate and rectum anterior wall, which remained for 10 months to 1 year with no shifting or migration.

The HA injection was administered either after low-density or before high-density radiotherapy, and decreased side effects, including, bleeding, soiling, mucus loss, and rectal incontinence.

Bone Repair/Regeneration

In the area of bone repair, the role of HA as a carrier of demineralized bone powder was tested in a mouse model. Both the flowable paste formulation and the malleable putty formulations exhibited a positive effect on active bone formation when applied to the bony defects. No untoward inflammatory response was observed. DBX® -Putty (Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, MTF), a product composed of HA and Demineralized Bone Matrix, is currently available for sale in the US.

The application of HA gel to rabbit osteochondral microfracture defects enhanced the quality of the regenerated articular cartilage as a thicker, more hyaline-like cartilage.

The introduction of an appropriate material (HA) into the defects may provide scaffolding for the endogenous mesenchymal progenitor cells to adhere, migrate, and differentiate, and thus may stimulate cartilage regeneration. Here, HA provides an embryonic-like environment that is favorable for cartilage regeneration and is strongly expressed in the early cartilage repair tissue of animal models.

Applications in Daily Life

Human skin tissues contain a very high concentration of hyaluronan, which gives the skin its young and vibrant look, as well as supplying moisture to the skin. With age, the ability of the skin to produce HA decreases, and the water-holding ability of the HA in our skin is reduced by depolymerization. To combat these effects we can supplement our body’s HA through various products. Currently, we can find a variety of HA products available in our daily lives.

HA in cosmetic product

HA has been extensively utilized in cosmetic products to produce young and healthy-looking skin. Cosmetic products containing HA are beneficial to our skin not only because they can moisturize the skin’s surface, but also because they can protect the skin against UV irradiation due to HA’s ability to scavenge free radicals. HA also has many anti-wrinkle/anti-aging properties such as stimulating new cell growth, having anti-irritation and anti-inflammatory properties, helping nutrients get to the skin cells, and providing the vehicle for waste removal from the cells.

HA in hair care products

The dermal layer of scalp is composed of connective tissue which contains a lot of HA. Those connective tissues provide support, nourish, and hydrate the deep layer of the scalp. Hair care products with HA, such as shampoo and hair masque, help keep hair lustrous and scalp moisturized, as well as for hair growth and hair color restoration.

HA in other personal care products

We can now find HA being used in other personal care products like bath products, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

HA as a nutritional supplement

In recent years, scientists have identified healthcare purposes for HA and also have formulated nutritional supplements manufactured from HA. It has been reported that the HA content present in human skin tissue decreases with age, particularly after the age of 50. Researchers confirmed that HA could be absorbed and distributed to skin and joints after oral administration. Hence, Oral HA can support HA levels in the body and reach the corium layers of the skin where topical application fails to do so.

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