Hyaluronic Acid Supplier

Hyaluronic Acid Supplier

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Discover top-quality Hyaluronic Acid powders from Stanford Chemicals, your trusted supplier since 1994. Benefit from volume purchase discounts and contract pricing. With over 30 years of emphasis on service and support, we're your reliable partner in raw materials.

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Our products are used in these industries

Oral hyaluronan, being digested and absorbed, can increase the amount of precursor for hyaluronan synthesis in vivo.


Hyaluronan has outstanding moisture keeping ability, thus called Natural Moisturing Factor (NMF).


Eye drops: Hyaluronan solution with its high viscosity, fluidity, remarkable hydrophilic and lubricating effect.

With the properties of biocompatible, biodegradable, non-toxic, no teratogenic, no carcinogenic and inhibit inflammation.

Hyaluronan is the main component of cartilage and synovial fluid. When the disease of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other arthrosis happens.


Hyaluronan is widely used in treatment of articular disorders in horses and pets, like horse in competition or heavy work and very old pets.

Hyaluronan is widely used in surgery to prevent postsurgical tissue adhesion, which greatly improve the safety for the surgery.

Hyaluronan and its derivatives can be widely used in clinical medicine, drug delivery and tissue engineering with its properties of good biocompatibility.


Hyaluronan could be used in eye surgery, such as corneal transplantation, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, and surgery to repair retinal detachment.