Hyaluronic Acid Supplier

How can I get a quotation for Hyaluronic Acid?

1. Click the “Inquiry” button at the top of this page
2. Send your request to sales@stanfordchem.com
3. Call us at +1-949-468-0555.

Do you take custom orders?

Many formulators request specific molecular weight ranges or viscosities, special packaging, and certifications. Contact us. We can help.

How long will it take to receive a price quotation?

Most of our price quotations go out in 24 hours. Some special requests take slightly longer. If you have a more immediate need, please call.

What is the average lead time for an order?

Samples are in stock and ready to ship. The typical lead time for production orders is 2-3 weeks.

How can I get a sample of hyaluronic acid?

Samples of our most popular grades are in stock and available at a nominal cost.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Analysis or a copy of the MSDS?

Please send your request to sales@stanfordchem.com
To obtain a Certificate of Analysis, be sure to include your product lot number with your request.

What is the shelf life of Hyaluronic Acid and how should it be stored?

The typical shelf life of HA is 1-2 years at room temperature. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. For extended storage, refrigeration is recommended.